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Belle De Jour UPD

Belle de Jour (pronounced [bɛl də ʒuʁ]) is a 1967 psychological drama film directed by Luis Buñuel, and starring Catherine Deneuve, Jean Sorel, and Michel Piccoli. Based on the 1928 novel Belle de jour by Joseph Kessel, the film is about a young woman who spends her midweek afternoons as a high-class prostitute, while her husband is at work.[3]

Belle de Jour

The title of the film is a play on words on the French term belle de nuit ("beauty of the night", i.e., a prostitute), as Séverine works during the day under the pseudonym "Belle de Jour". Her nickname can also be interpreted as a reference to the French name of the morning glory (Convolvulaceae), meaning "beauty of [the] day", a flower that blooms only during the day.

In 2006, the Portuguese director Manoel de Oliveira released Belle Toujours, imagining a future encounter between the characters of Séverine and Henri Husson from the original film.[citation needed]

i am obsessed with the surrealism in belle de jour and the way that buñuel doesn't let you in on what is séverine's fantasy and what is reality. catherine deneuve oozes sensuality and she is so fantastic at playing a character who has two very different sides. i also really loved how all of her clothing was designed by YSL, it made the whole film feel so much classier and so high-end (which is exactly what i always expect when watching a french movie).

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