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GT Suite V7.0 With Update Build 4

In version 3.0 there are additional features that include estimation of power on multi-socket systems as well as externally callable APIs to extract power information within sections of code. The multi-socket support essentially evaluates the Energy MSR on a per-socket basis and provides an estimate of power draw per socket. The API layer is a set of libraries and dlls that can be called and offers the flexibility to build the tool within code sections of an application. Latest release also includes support for Windows 10*.

GT Suite v7.0 With Update Build 4


To install or update GT-SUITE, please download the appropriate installer from the "1. Installers" folder in the downloads section above. When installing build 2 or 3 of a version, you may wish to download the additional solver archives from the "Optional Files" sub folder, which will allow you to run a previous solver build from the latest GUI. See the README for details.

GT-SUITE is released yearly with a total of four builds released throughout the year. Each major version is named using the calendar year when Build 1 was released. The first "release candidate" or "Build 0", is intended for "early adopters" who wish to utilize the new features as soon as possible. Then three main "builds", which are intended for general use. The release candidate is released in October of the preceding year. Then Builds 1, 2 & 3 typically follow in February, June, and December, respectively. Please see the table above for specifics of each version.

Technical Support with Software Updates - During the first year of a new version of GT-SUITE, Gamma will provide our world-renowned phone and email support to help utilize GT-SUITE in becoming more productive and innovative in your field. Additionally, we will work to continually improve the usability and functionality of GT-SUITE by releasing updates to the software which are referred to as "builds". There are three main builds for general use, namely Build 1.0000, 2.0000 & 3.0000. In the event of a specific improvement that is deemed too important to wait for the next build, it will be released and denoted by a fractional build number, such as 2.0001.

Technical Support without Bug Fixes - The second, third and, fourth years of support for a version will continue with our world-renowned phone and email support. We will no longer be developing nor releasing builds of this version, but the most recent build will continue to be available for download.

Gamma Technologies is pleased to announce that GT-SUITE v2021.3 is ready for download. This is the third and most stable build of v2021. We encourage users to update their v2021 installations to this build.

If you use the Microsoft.PowerShell.SDK NuGet package you will need to workaround an issue with the version of System.Runtime.CompilerServices.Unsafe until we can release an update package. To work around the issue, add the following the the .csproj file with the reference, until 7.3.2 is released.

Please pay special attention to the items marked with the symbols as those document items that have a possible impact on existing code, practice or process. Please be sure to recompile all objects to ensure all the updates are in place.

Due to build optimization and library incompatibilities, GT.M versions older than V6.2-000 are incompatible with glibc 2.24 and up. This incompatibility has not been reported by a customer, but was observed on internal test systems that use the latest Linux software distributions from Fedora (26), Debian (unstable), and Ubuntu (17.10). In internal testing, processes either hung or encountered a segmentation violation (SIG-11) during operation. Customers upgrading to Linux distributions that utilize glibc 2.24+ must upgrade their GT.M version at the same time as or before the OS upgrade.

You can combine powerful, proven functionality with new technologies such as generative design, augmented reality, real-time simulation, additive manufacturing. and the IoT to iterate faster, reduce costs, and improve product quality. The world of product development moves quickly, and only Creo delivers the transformative tools you need to build competitive advantage and gain market share.

PowerShell 7.2 added support for Microsoft Update. When you enable this feature, you'll get the latestPowerShell 7 updates in your traditional Windows Update (WU) management flow, whether that's withWindows Update for Business, WSUS, SCCM, or the interactive WU dialog in Settings.

The 3rd\u002Drow seating provides room for two additional to ride in the GLE. Suitable for average\u002Dsized adults but ideal for children, the seatbacks can be folded down in a 50\/50 split to enhance the versatility of the cargo area.\x22,\x22disclaimers\x22:[\x22desc\x22:\x22Unsecured cargo can become hazardous in a collision. Always secure cargo using the floor\u002Dmounted tie\u002Ddowns.\\r\\n\x22,\x22code\x22:\x22AUTONUM\x22,\x22desc\x22:\x22Deletes spare wheel. Vehicle is provided with TIREFIT sealant and a portable air pump. \x22,\x22code\x22:\x22custom\x22],\x22id\x22:\x220:847\x22,\x22media\x22:[\x22alt\x22:\x223rd\u002Drow seats\x22,\x22imgL\x22:\x22\/content\/dam\/mb\u002Dnafta\/us\/myco\/my23\/gle\/suv\/byo\u002Doptions\/2023\u002DAMG\u002DGLE\u002DSUV\u002DMP\u002D086.jpg\x22],\x22name\x22:\x223rd\u002Drow seats\x22,\x22package\x22:false,\x22packageOpts\x22:[],\x22price\x22:0.0,\x22defaultSelection\x22:false,\x22preSelected\x22:false,\x22displayRadioSelector\x22:false}},\x22isOption\x22:true,\x22option\x22:\x22compositeId\x22:\x222023\u002D0\u002D567\x22,\x22desc\x22:\x22To enhance 3rd\u002Drow access and 2nd\u002Drow comfort, the outboard 2nd\u002Drow seats offer power recline, fore\u002Daft adjustment and head\u002Drestraint height. With the touch of a button near each rear side door, an EASY\u002DENTRY feature can electrically slide the seats forward and even fold the seatback to ease 3rd\u002Drow entry and exit. And with the third row stowed, sliding the second row forward offers increased cargo space while still seating passengers.\x22,\x22disclaimers\x22:[\x22desc\x22:\x22Unsecured cargo can become hazardous in a collision. Always secure cargo using the floor\u002Dmounted tie\u002Ddowns.\\r\\n\x22,\x22code\x22:\x22AUTONUM\x22],\x22id\x22:\x220:567\x22,\x22media\x22:[\x22alt\x22:\x22Power 2nd\u002Drow seats\x22,\x22imgL\x22:\x22\/content\/dam\/mb\u002Dnafta\/us\/myco\/my23\/gle\/suv\/byo\u002Doptions\/2023\u002DGLE\u002DSUV\u002DMP\u002D129.jpg\x22],\x22name\x22:\x22Power 2nd\u002Drow seats\x22,\x22package\x22:false,\x22packageOpts\x22:[],\x22price\x22:0.0,\x22defaultSelection\x22:false,\x22preSelected\x22:false,\x22displayRadioSelector\x22:false,\x22isOption\x22:true,\x22option\x22:\x22compositeId\x22:\x222023\u002D0\u002D72B\x22,\x22desc\x22:\x22The available 3rd\u002Drow seat includes an additional pair of USB\u002DC ports in the rearmost seating area.\x22,\x22disclaimers\x22:[\x22desc\x22:\x22An adapter cable is required to connect a device with an earlier\u002Dgeneration USB port. One adapter cable is included with the vehicle.\\r\\n\x22,\x22code\x22:\x22AUTONUM\x22],\x22id\x22:\x220:72B\x22,\x22media\x22:[\x22alt\x22:\x22Two USB\u002DC ports in 3rd row\x22,\x22imgL\x22:\x22\/content\/dam\/mb\u002Dnafta\/us\/myco\/my23\/gle\/suv\/byo\u002Doptions\/2023\u002DGLE\u002DSUV\u002DMP\u002D147.jpg\x22],\x22name\x22:\x22Two USB\u002DC ports in 3rd row\x22,\x22package\x22:false,\x22packageOpts\x22:[],\x22price\x22:0.0,\x22defaultSelection\x22:false,\x22preSelected\x22:false,\x22displayRadioSelector\x22:false],\x22price\x22:2100.0,\x22defaultSelection\x22:false,\x22preSelected\x22:false,\x22displayRadioSelector\x22:false}],\x22title\x22:\x22Packages\x22}},\x22packageName\x22:\x22Entertainment \x26 Convenience\x22,\x22packageGroup\x22:\x22code\x22:\x22PACKAGES\x22,\x22options\x22:[\x22compositeId\x22:\x222023\u002D9\u002DDB0\x22,\x22optionPagePath\x22:\x22\/content\/mb\u002Dvehicles\u002Ddata\/en_us\/options\/2023\/gle\u002Dsuv\/packages\/warmth\u002D\u002D\u002Dcomfort\u002Dpackage0\x22,\x22disclaimers\x22:[],\x22id\x22:\x229:DB0\x22,\x22name\x22:\x22Warmth \x26 Comfort Package\x22,\x22package\x22:true,\x22packageOpts\x22:[\x22isOption\x22:true,\x22option\x22:\x22compositeId\x22:\x222023\u002D0\u002D902\x22,\x22desc\x22:\x22An added enhancement to the available heated front seats, this rapid\u002Dwarming feature quickly replaces the chill of a cold day or evening with nearly instant heating of the seat. The feature automatically switches to the normal heating settings as soon as the desired temperature is reached.\x22,\x22disclaimers\x22:[\x22desc\x22:\x22Requires multicontour front seats unless ordered as part of Warmth \x26 Comfort Package.\x22,\x22code\x22:\x22custom\x22],\x22id\x22:\x220:902\x22,\x22media\x22:[\x22alt\x22:\x22Rapid heating feature for front seats\x22,\x22imgL\x22:\x22\/content\/dam\/mb\u002Dnafta\/us\/myco\/my23\/gle\/suv\/byo\u002Doptions\/2023\u002DGLE\u002DSUV\u002DMP\u002D098.jpg\x22],\x22name\x22:\x22Rapid heating feature for front seats\x22,\x22package\x22:false,\x22packageOpts\x22:[],\x22price\x22:450.0,\x22defaultSelection\x22:false,\x22preSelected\x22:false,\x22displayRadioSelector\x22:false,\x22isOption\x22:true,\x22option\x22:\x22compositeId\x22:\x222023\u002D0\u002D906\x22,\x22desc\x22:\x22Providing the same soothing benefits as heated seats to your arms and elbows, via the same controls, electric heating warms the front door armrests and the panels above them, as well as the front center armrest.\x22,\x22disclaimers\x22:[],\x22id\x22:\x220:906\x22,\x22media\x22:[\x22alt\x22:\x22Heated front armrests and upper door panels\x22,\x22imgL\x22:\x22\/content\/dam\/mb\u002Dnafta\/us\/myco\/my23\/gle\/suv\/byo\u002Doptions\/2023\u002DGLE\u002DSUV\u002DMP\u002D101.jpg\x22],\x22name\x22:\x22Heated front armrests and upper door panels\x22,\x22package\x22:false,\x22packageOpts\x22:[],\x22price\x22:0.0,\x22defaultSelection\x22:false,\x22preSelected\x22:false,\x22displayRadioSelector\x22:false],\x22price\x22:1050.0,\x22defaultSelection\x22:false,\x22preSelected\x22:false,\x22displayRadioSelector\x22:false,\x22compositeId\x22:\x222023\u002D9\u002DP21\x22,\x22optionPagePath\x22:\x22\/content\/mb\u002Dvehicles\u002Ddata\/en_us\/options\/2023\/gle\u002Dsuv\/packages\/air\u002Dbalance\u002Dpackage\x22,\x22disclaimers\x22:[],\x22id\x22:\x229:P21\x22,\x22name\x22:\x22Air Balance Package\x22,\x22package\x22:true,\x22packageOpts\x22:[\x22isOption\x22:true,\x22option\x22:\x22compositeId\x22:\x222023\u002D0\u002DP21A\x22,\x22desc\x22:\x22The Air Balance system teams activated charcoal filtration with an ionizer that uses an electrical charge to create the same fresh\u002Dair sensation you experience after a summer storm. Airborne impurities and odors are virtually eliminated from the cabin to provide air quality that\x27s more enjoyable and healthier, especially for those with asthma or allergies.\x22,\x22disclaimers\x22:[],\x22id\x22:\x220:P21A\x22,\x22media\x22:[\x22alt\x22:\x22Air Balance cabin\u002Dair purification system\x22,\x22imgL\x22:\x22\/content\/dam\/mb\u002Dnafta\/us\/myco\/my23\/gle\/suv\/byo\u002Doptions\/2023\u002DGLE\u002DSUV\u002DMP\u002D113.jpg\x22,\x22imgS\x22:\x22\/content\/dam\/mb\u002Dnafta\/us\/myco\/my23\/gle\/suv\/byo\u002Doptions\/2023\u002DGLE\u002DSUV\u002DMP\u002D113.jpg\x22],\x22name\x22:\x22Air Balance cabin\u002Dair purification system\x22,\x22package\x22:false,\x22packageOpts\x22:[],\x22price\x22:0.0,\x22defaultSelection\x22:false,\x22preSelected\x22:false,\x22displayRadioSelector\x22:false,\x22isOption\x22:true,\x22option\x22:\x22compositeId\x22:\x222023\u002D0\u002DP21B\x22,\x22desc\x22:\x22Part of the Air Balance system, a fragrance atomizer offers an extra dimension of cabin ambience. Featuring an elegant, LED\u002Dbacklit vial in the glovebox and its own ductwork, any of several distinctive yet subtle aromas is gently atomized into the cabin at periodic intervals, yet the scent won\x27t linger on cabin surfaces or clothing. The vial is easily replaced when you\x27d like to change scents.\x22,\x22disclaimers\x22:[],\x22id\x22:\x220:P21B\x22,\x22media\x22:[\x22alt\x22:\x22Air Balance cabin fragrance system\x22,\x22imgL\x22:\x22\/content\/dam\/mb\u002Dnafta\/us\/myco\/my23\/gle\/suv\/byo\u002Doptions\/2023\u002DGLE\u002DSUV\u002DMP\u002D114.jpg\x22],\x22name\x22:\x22Air Balance cabin fragrance system\x22,\x22package\x22:false,\x22packageOpts\x22:[],\x22price\x22:0.0,\x22defaultSelection\x22:false,\x22preSelected\x22:false,\x22displayRadioSelector\x22:false],\x22price\x22:350.0,\x22defaultSelection\x22:false,\x22preSelected\x22:false,\x22displayRadioSelector\x22:false],\x22title\x22:\x22Packages\x22,\x22packageName\x22:\x22Performance \x26 Safety\x22,\x22packageGroup\x22:\x22code\x22:\x22PACKAGES\x22,\x22options\x22:[\x22compositeId\x22:\x222023\u002D9\u002DDA2\u002DGLE53w4\x22,\x22optionPagePath\x22:\x22\/content\/mb\u002Dvehicles\u002Ddata\/en_us\/options\/2023\/gle\u002Dsuv\/packages\/driver\u002Dassistance\u002Dpackage\u002Dplus0\x22,\x22disclaimers\x22:[],\x22id\x22:\x229:DA2\x22,\x22name\x22:\x22Driver Assistance Package PLUS\x22,\x22package\x22:true,\x22packageOpts\x22:[\x22isOption\x22:true,\x22option\x22:\x22compositeId\x22:\x222023\u002D0\u002D233\u002DGLE53W4\x22,\x22desc\x22:\x22A Mercedes\u002DBenz innovation, Active Distance Assist DISTRONIC cruise control uses radar\u002Dbased technology to adapt your set speed in response to the flow of traffic ahead. If traffic slows down, it can reduce your speed automatically until your path clears. If the vehicle ahead slows to a stop, it can brake to a full halt. When traffic moves, you can resume with just a tap of the accelerator or cruise control button, or it can resume automatically if the stop is under 30 seconds.\x22,\x22disclaimers\x22:[\x22desc\x22:\x22Active Distance Assist DISTRONIC is not a substitute for active driving involvement. It does not adapt cruising speed in response to stationary objects, nor does it predict the curvature and lane layout of the road ahead or the movement of vehicles ahead. It is the driver\x27s responsibility at all times to be attentive to posted speed limits, traffic and road conditions, and to provide the steering, braking and other driving inputs necessary to retain control of the vehicle. Drivers are cautioned not to wait for the system\x27s alerts before braking, as that may not afford sufficient time and distance to brake safely. Braking effectiveness also depends on proper brake maintenance, and tire and road conditions. See Operator\x27s Manual for system operating speeds and additional information and warnings.\\r\\n\\r\\n\x22,\x22code\x22:\x22AUTONUM\x22],\x22id\x22:\x220:233\x22,\x22media\x22:[\x22alt\x22:\x22Active Distance Assist DISTRONIC\x22,\x22imgL\x22:\x22\/content\/dam\/mb\u002Dnafta\/us\/myco\/my23\/gle\/suv\/byo\u002Doptions\/2023\u002DAMG\u002DGLE\u002DSUV\u002DMP\u002D060.jpg\x22],\x22name\x22:\x22Active Distance Assist DISTRONIC\x22,\x22package\x22:false,\x22packageOpts\x22:[],\x22price\x22:0.0,\x22defaultSelection\x22:false,\x22preSelected\x22:false,\x22displayRadioSelector\x22:false,\x22isOption\x22:true,\x22option\x22:\x22compositeId\x22:\x222023\u002D0\u002D266\u002DGLE53W4\x22,\x22desc\x22:\x22Active Steering Assist can be engaged whenever you\x27re using DISTRONIC adaptive cruise control. Using cameras and other sensors to detect lane markings, guardrails and other vehicles, Active Steering Assist can help the driver keep the vehicle centered in its lane while cruising, even in gentle curves. When lane markings aren\x27t visible, it can even follow the vehicle ahead.\x22,\x22disclaimers\x22:[\x22desc\x22:\x22Active Steering Assist requires driver to hold steering wheel and be ready to steer vehicle at any time. It may not recognize lane markings, road features, and\/or other vehicles in some lighting, weather and road conditions. It is the driver\x27s responsibility at all times to be attentive to traffic and road conditions, and to provide the steering, braking and other driving inputs necessary to retain control of the vehicle.\\r\\n\x26nbsp;\\r\\n\x22,\x22code\x22:\x22AUTONUM\x22],\x22id\x22:\x220:266\x22,\x22media\x22:[\x22alt\x22:\x22Active Steering Assist\x22,\x22imgL\x22:\x22\/content\/dam\/mb\u002Dnafta\/us\/myco\/my23\/gle\/suv\/byo\u002Doptions\/2023\u002DAMG\u002DGLE\u002DSUV\u002DMP\u002D061.jpg\x22],\x22name\x22:\x22Active Steering Assist\x22,\x22package\x22:false,\x22packageOpts\x22:[],\x22price\x22:0.0,\x22defaultSelection\x22:false,\x22preSelected\x22:false,\x22displayRadioSelector\x22:false,\x22isOption\x22:true,\x22option\x22:\x22compositeId\x22:\x222023\u002D0\u002DNC\x22,\x22desc\x22:\x22This breakthrough system can activate if you initiate an evasive maneuver while the vehicle\x27s sensors detect an impending risk of collision with a pedestrian in your path. The system can provide a calculated steering force to assist you in executing the move, then can help ease the straightening of the vehicle in the adjacent lane after the maneuver.\x22,\x22disclaimers\x22:[\x22desc\x22:\x22System cannot overcome the laws of physics, nor is it a substitute for being attentive to driving, traffic and conditions. The system cannot recognize or predict every movement of vehicles and pedestrians in your path. Please always wear your seat belt. Driver\x27s deliberate steering inputs are required to initiate the system\x27s action, and can override its intervention at any time. See Operator\x27s Manual for system operating speeds and additional information and warnings.\\r\\n\x26nbsp;\\r\\n\x22,\x22code\x22:\x22AUTONUM\x22],\x22id\x22:\x220:NC\x22,\x22media\x22:[\x22alt\x22:\x22Evasive Steering Assist\x22,\x22imgL\x22:\x22\/content\/dam\/mb\u002Dnafta\/us\/myco\/my23\/gle\/suv\/byo\u002Doptions\/2023\u002DGLE\u002DSUV\u002DMP\u002D063.jpg\x22],\x22name\x22:\x22Evasive Steering Assist\x22,\x22package\x22:false,\x22packageOpts\x22:[],\x22price\x22:0.0,\x22defaultSelection\x22:false,\x22preSelected\x22:false,\x22displayRadioSelector\x22:false,\x22isOption\x22:true,\x22option\x22:\x22compositeId\x22:\x222023\u002D0\u002D268\x22,\x22desc\x22:\x22At certain in\u002Dtown driving speeds, radar and advanced cameras can scan the area ahead of the vehicle to help detect a potential collision with vehicles approaching or crossing from either side of an intersection ahead, or with a pedestrian in the car\x27s path. When the driver responds to the system\x27s alert by braking, it can precisely apply brake force to help prevent such an accident or help reduce its severity. If it senses a pedestrian in your path, the system can automatically apply the brakes.\x22,\x22disclaimers\x22:[\x22desc\x22:\x22System may not be sufficient to avoid an accident. It cannot always recognize or predict the presence or every movement of vehicles and pedestrians in your path. It is the driver\x27s responsibility at all times to be attentive to traffic and road conditions, and to provide the steering, braking and other driving inputs necessary to retain control of the vehicle. Drivers are cautioned not to wait for the system\x27s alerts before braking, as that may not afford sufficient time and distance to brake safely. Braking effectiveness also depends on proper brake maintenance, and tire and road conditions. See Operator\x27s Manual for system operating speeds and additional information and warnings.\\r\\n\\r\\n\x22,\x22code\x22:\x22AUTONUM\x22],\x22id\x22:\x220:268\x22,\x22media\x22:[\x22alt\x22:\x22Active Brake Assist with Cross\u002DTraffic Function\x22,\x22imgL\x22:\x22\/content\/dam\/mb\u002Dnafta\/us\/myco\/my23\/gle\/suv\/byo\u002Doptions\/2023\u002DGLE\u002DSUV\u002DMP\u002D071.jpg\x22],\x22name\x22:\x22Active Brake Assist with Cross\u002DTraffic Function\x22,\x22package\x22:false,\x22packageOpts\x22:[],\x22price\x22:0.0,\x22defaultSelection\x22:


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