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Buy Technogym Equipment [UPD]

If you are looking to get your heart racing and blood pumping, why not explore our range of used and new cardio gym equipment for sale to find the most suitable equipment for your individual needs, goals and most importantly budget.

buy technogym equipment

Strength training is ideal for caloric burn, getting stronger, building muscle and getting leaner. With so many benefits you cannot afford to not have strength training in your weekly schedule. We have you covered with our used and new strength equipment covering all major brans such as Life fitness, Precor, Technogym and Hammer Strength. Installation available for home or commercial gym set ups.

FitKit UK has a range of Technogym equipment to meet all your fitness needs. Technogym has a mission to engage people into better habits of physical wellness to help them live happier and healthier lives. FitKit UK offers a range of Technogym commercial gym equipment that for 35 years has helped them form partnerships in many locations around the world, inspiring physical wellbeing throughout. Browse our range of Technogym equipment including their exercise bikes, ellipticals and cross trainers, perfect for group sessions, as well as their strength machines which have assisted strength training workouts in commercial gyms across the world. If you're looking for great value for money, you can also browse our range of used Technogym equipment.

Ideal for your private gym space or commercial, our Technogym range has everything you need to provide fitness seekers with top equipment to achieve their goals. Striving to spread wellness amongst everyone, Technogym wants their gym equipment to promote good habits and physical activity that creates a positive mindset. Specifically designed with you in mind, Technogym offers functional, innovative equipment that helps you be the best.

(You will receive an email to activate your subscription. If you bought your equipment not recently and you didn't receive the email, please contact, we will be happy to help you)

The subscription is linked to your Technogym ID and you can access classes on Technogym Bike and premium content from the Technogym app and from the connected consoles of Technogym equipment, from the Live version on.

The subscription is linked to your Technogym ID and you can access classes on Technogym Ride and premium content from the Technogym app and from the connected consoles of Technogym equipment, from the Live version on.

The first fitness machine of this brand was built in a garage in the Technogym Village in 1983. Today Technogym is present in more than 100 countries and is one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality equipment in the training and wellness sector. About 35 millions of athletes are using new and used Technogym training equipment every day. Fitness equipment of this brand can be found in gyms, medical centers, spas, companies, cruise ships, schools, universities and sports clubs.

People who are interested in sports as well as fitness companies buy and sell training and therapy equipment on If you want to reach the right target group, just create an ad for your new or used Technogym training equipment on and sell new or used Technogym training equipment

As the first impression is very important, you should care for a good optical impression. Your ad should contain all necessary information on the used Technogym training equipment and have an attractive design. It is also recommended to include pictures of the new or used Technogym training machine.

Buy your Technogym equipment replacements parts from Fitness Parts Direct. We supply parts for the most popular Technogym crosstrainer, exercise bikes, studio cycles, treadmills and strength equipment models.

Technogym's mission is to help people live better, and the company achieves this by providing the best possible gym equipment, services, content and programmes, all of which use technology to connect to one another so that users can experience Wellness no matter where they are.

Users of the Technogym systems and equipment find that beautiful aesthetics is combined with top of the range technology and entertainment systems. The brand has a number of ranges which apply to various market sectors. For example, the Technogym Personal Line is a stunning set of home gym equipment designed by famous designer Antonio Citterio, and features the incredible UNITY 3.0 entertainment console. The ever-popular Technogym Excite range of cardio commercial gym equipment has this very same console as an option for commercial gym design projects - proving that they do not sacrifice quality or features for any gym!

Browse the range of Technogym equipment at Pinnacle Fitness and find cardio equipment for your gym including exercise bikes, upright bikes, indoor studio bikes, ellipticals, recumbent bikes and treadmills.

Functional Trainers are an extremely versatile piece of exercise equipment. Functional Trainers allow you to work the most muscle groups in the widest variety of ways and they are safe for all age groups capable of resistance training. A Functional Trainer is a piece of equipment that incorporates multiple cables (usually 2) and attachments so you can perform any directional movements such as pulls, flys, curls, and everything in between.

Olympic Benches are competition grade equipment for advanced weight training. They are made from high-grade composite steel. The equipment is made to handle extremely heavy weight and uses an Olympic bar with support cradles. Olympic Benches feature thick padding for increased support from heavy weight loads. Olympic Benches are used to do chest and shoulder exercises with an Olympic Barbell. Olympic Benches can take up a lot of space, but they are necessary for bench pressing with Olympic weights.

Its fitness equipment is suitable for both professionals and individuals thanks to the wide range it offers that can meet all needs. Renowned for the design, solidity and above all the quality of its weight and cardio machines, Technogym is one of the most sought-after brands in the world of fitness and has endeavored to offer machines in phase with the current era, namely interconnected to allow everyone to manage their sporting activity and their well-being easily on a daily basis.

If there is one element that is recognized by all professionals, it is without a doubt that sport is an essential component for well-being and health with an adapted lifestyle and a healthy diet. Indeed, practicing a regular sports activity is absolutely necessary to limit the cardiovascular risks, but also to avoid excessive weight gain and the appearance of diseases such as diabetes, cholesterol, etc. In addition, sport allows you to feel better in your body, regular training having the advantage of improving resistance to effort, but also the muscles and finally the silhouette from a purely aesthetic point of view. In order to obtain such results and to feel real health benefits, it is recommended to adapt your physical activity and do cardio, endurance, but also strength training. For targeted efforts, the ideal is undoubtedly to opt for fitness equipment such as elliptical trainers, treadmills or leg presses. It is now quite possible to choose to invest in this type of machine to have it at home in which case it is essential to be careful to choose material that will last over time, because it is often a question of important investments. Thus, the Technogym brand is ideally suited to this situation, by offering a wide range of devices of undeniable quality, but also practical and well designed. It is also possible to acquire Technogym brand machines on our site in refurbished versions, therefore in excellent condition, at a price much lower than those charged for first-hand products.

If that weekly forty dollar gym membership isn't enough of an incentive to spring out of bed each morning, then raise the stakes we say! Dump your pay check on a Dior treadmill instead. In the latest spate of extravagant fashion news, Dior is partnering up with sports equipment specialist, Technogym, for an over-the-top limited release of workout equipment.googletag.cmd.push(function() googletag.display('mobunit'); );

Did we ever think there'd be a point where we could comfortably stomp across Dior? Probably not. But nevertheless here we are. Following in the footsteps of Louis Vuitton, the french fashion house has released the collection under its 'Dior Vibe' line. For those among us who are longing to pump out a few bicep curls with a set of Dior dumbbells, you're in luck. Not only does the collection boast a complete set of dumbbells, but it offers a versatile weight bench, resistance bands, multifunctional gym balls and the aforementioned state-of-the-art treadmill. Each piece of equipment is made to work in tandem with Technogym's App, which offers over 200 different exercises and can be connected to your Dior treadmill.

Jog Forma is a high-end product where each and every aspect is designed to bring your customers results in comfort. It adds a stylish touch to every space, and is the perfect solution for homes, schools and hotels that want to benefit from compact size training equipment.

Technogym enables you to work out smarter, not harder. Best known for its premium collection of indoor exercise equipment, this sporting goods store offers a variety of treadmills, bikes, ellipticals, rowers, and strength machines.

Fortunately, the brand offers an array of equipment on their website, including ellipticals, rowers, treadmills, and more. Ready to pump some iron or run that extra mile? This Technogym review will highlight a few of their best-selling models that might catch your eye.

Benefits of the master contract supplier relationship are that LSU receives outstanding pricing on TechnoGym equipment, supplies, & services, additional bulk order discounts, pre-negotiated T & C's, and dedicated on-campus representation. 041b061a72


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