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Download Virtual DJ 6: The Ultimate DJ Software for Windows and Mac

Download Virtual DJ 6: A Guide for Beginners

If you are looking for a powerful and versatile DJ software that can help you create amazing mixes and entertain your audience, you might want to consider downloading Virtual DJ 6. Virtual DJ 6 is one of the most popular DJ software on the market, with over 150 million downloads and millions of professional DJs using it daily. In this article, we will explain what Virtual DJ 6 is, what features it offers, what benefits it provides, and how to download it easily and safely.

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What is Virtual DJ 6?

Virtual DJ 6 is a software that allows you to mix and manipulate audio and video files using a virtual turntable and mixer. You can use it as a stand-alone DJ mixer with just your computer, or connect it to various controllers and mixers that are compatible with it. You can also use it to play and mix karaoke files, or separate the vocals and instruments of any track in real-time. Virtual DJ 6 is designed for every type of DJ, from beginners to professionals, and offers a wide range of features that will help you take your DJing skills to the next level.

Features of Virtual DJ 6

Virtual DJ 6 comes with a plethora of features that make it stand out from other DJ software. Here are some of the most notable ones:

Performance pads

With Virtual DJ 6, you can unleash your creativity with an unlimited amount of performance pads that let you control loops, samples, slicers, loop-rolls, hot cues, scratch pads, and more. You can also customize and create your own pad pages with the pads editor, or extend your options with custom pad pages available online.

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Cloudlists and charts

With Virtual DJ 6, you can access online charts and themed playlists, or share yours with other DJs or on social media. You can also subscribe and add playlists by other DJs or groups of DJs, or access top played songs feeds by DJs and popular charts from music services like BeatPort or iTunes.

Video and audio mixing

With Virtual DJ 6, you can mix not only audio but also video files in various formats. You can also entertain your guests with stunning visuals, video effects, transitions, overlays, text, images, logos, etc. You can also host karaoke events with lyrics display and singer rotation.

Benefits of Virtual DJ 6

Virtual DJ 6 offers many benefits that make it a great choice for any DJ. Here are some of them:

Easy to use

Virtual DJ 6 is very intuitive and easy to learn. It has a user-friendly interface that lets you access all the functions and settings easily. It also has smart quantizing features that assist you in mixing smoothly and accurately.

Compatible with various hardware

Virtual DJ 6 works with the most popular controllers and mixers on the market, with plug-and-play auto detection and setup. You can choose the hardware that suits your style and budget, or mix without any hardware at all.

Free for home use

Virtual DJ 6 is free for home use, which means you can download it and use it without any limitations or restrictions. You can practice and learn at your own pace, or prepare sets and playlists for your gigs.

How to download Virtual DJ 6?

Downloading Virtual DJ 6 is very simple and fast. You just need to follow these steps:

Steps to download Virtual DJ 6

Visit the official website

The first step is to visit the official website of Virtual DJ 6, which is . This is the safest and most reliable source to download the software, as it ensures you get the latest and most secure version.

Choose your platform and version

The next step is to choose your platform and version. Virtual DJ 6 is available for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android devices. You can also choose between the free home version or the paid pro version, depending on your needs and preferences. The home version is free for non-commercial use and has all the basic features you need to start mixing. The pro version has more advanced features and options, and requires a license that you can purchase online.

Click on the download button

The final step is to click on the download button and wait for the file to be downloaded to your device. The file size is about 200 MB, so it should not take too long to download. Once the download is complete, you can proceed to install and run the software.

Tips to install and run Virtual DJ 6

Installing and running Virtual DJ 6 is also very easy and straightforward. Here are some tips to help you do it smoothly:

Check the minimum requirements

Before you install Virtual DJ 6, make sure your device meets the minimum requirements for the software to run properly. According to the official website, these are the minimum requirements for each platform:

PlatformMinimum Requirements

WindowsWindows 7 or newer; Intel i3 or AMD FX CPU; 4 GB RAM; DirectX compatible sound card; 200 MB free disk space.

MacmacOS 10.9 or newer; Intel Core Duo CPU; 4 GB RAM; CoreAudio compatible sound card; 200 MB free disk space.

iOSiOS 11 or newer; iPhone 5s or newer; iPad Air or newer; iPod Touch 6th generation or newer.

AndroidAndroid 7 or newer; ARMv7 CPU with NEON support or Atom CPU; OpenGL ES 2.0 support; Multi touch screen support.

Follow the installation wizard

Once you have downloaded the file, you can double-click on it to launch the installation wizard. The wizard will guide you through the installation process, which involves accepting the terms and conditions, choosing the destination folder, selecting the components, and creating shortcuts. The installation should take only a few minutes.