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Rome Total War Patch And Crack ##TOP## Download

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rome total war patch and crack download

nERv Rome Total War: Alexander *Working* (C) Sega 07/2006 :..... RELEASE.DATE .. PROTECTION .......: Safedisc 4 / custom 1 :.......... DISC(S) .. GAME.TYPE ........: Action Rome: Total War - Alexander is the second official expansion pack to Rome: Total War. It will offer all the content and new features that Total War players have come to expect from their expansion packs. Features: * An entirely new campaign map that stretches from Macedonia to Greece and into the heart of the ancient Persian Empire * New campaign game that tasks players with matching the exploits of Alexander the Great as he swept across Central Asia and dominated the Persian Empire * Four new factions including the Macedonians, Persians and Indians * Over 25 new units, including Alexander's own renowned historical troops * Historical Alexander the Great campaign with six new historical battles that unlock sequentially, telling the story of Alexander and providing a historical backdrop to each of the battles * All-new movies to support the Alexander campaign, with professional voiceovers by actor Brian Blessed Proper Note: Razor managed to bungle their proper of this game, they fixed the trigger tables wrong resulting in a non working game. Look below for one example of this. RLD: 00DD7738: 81D285A8096F ADC EDX, 6F09A885 RZR: 00DD7738: 81C285A8096F ADD EDX, 6F09A885 As for their comments on our proper Prey release yesterday. Their version uses the Triton preload version executable which has been available for weeks before the store date. Ours uses the final retail executable. Triton Added that same version executable to their download package yesterday. Their version is also not playable online with a retail serial. Draw your own conclusions why our version is proper. 1. Unrar. 2. Burn or mount with daemon-tools. 3. Make sure you have either Rome Total War with v1.5 patch or Rome Total War Barbarian Invasion with v1.6 patch installed. 4. Install the addon. 5. Copy the cracked content from crack directory on the cd to your installation directory. 6. Play the game. " Now hiring Talented Crackers: "

Requires:Official v1.2 patch for Rome: Total WarIntroduction:This is compilation of fixes to various bugs that can be found in Rome: Total War. Most of the fixes were not my idea, but ideas of many members form gaming community. I just compiled them in one unofficial patch. Since unofficial, it is in no way associated with Creative Assembly or Activision.Can now be found at download section of this site (533KB): =miscList of fixesChanges in export_descr_buildings.txt file:-Fixed the issue with Praetorian Cohorts being available before Marius reforms-Fixed the issue with Seleucids Armored Elephants being available in provinces without elephant resource-Fixed the bug when Thracians could not recruit Phalanx Pikemen with their higher level barracks-Fixed the bug when Gauls could recruit Naked Fanatics in farming shrines (and Gauls don't have farming shrines)-Added ability for Spain to recruit Long Shield Cavalry and build Onagers in the campaign, because they could already use them in custom battles (and added unit info picture for Onagers since it was missing)-Law bonus for Leadership Pantheon increased from 10% to 25%, in order to fix the problem with Athena and Jupiter Awesome Temples getting their law bonus lowered after upgrade to Pantheon-Holding games in arena type buildings limited to Romans only, to prevent "THIS GAMES HELD TEXT SHOULD NEVER APPEAR ON SCREEN AND SHOULD NOT BE TRANSLATED!" message appearing when other factions try to hold games in conquered roman territories Changes in export_descr_unit.txt file:-Fixed the issue with all horse/camel/chariot archers, when they are unable to fire while skirmishing-Fixed the issue with Pontus and Scythian generals, when they would never get their bodyguards upgraded after Marius reforms (as it happens with all other bodyguard units)-Removed Wedge ability from both Thracian bodyguard units (made no sense for general's unit)-Late Thracian bodyguard unit gets its armor rating increased from 3 to 6, so it would actually have different stats then early bodyguard, especially considering that it already uses heavier armored unit model-Removed shield bonus from early Thracian bodyguards and Bedouin Archers, since those units have no shields-Added shield bonus of 4 to late Pontic bodyguards, since their unit models have shield-Pontic Phalanx Pikemen get its unit size increased from 40 to 60 and shield bonus reduced from 5 to 2, in order to make them consistent with other phalanx units-Fixed inconsistencies in mass ratings for following units: Bastarnae Mercenaries, Silver Shield Legionaries, Scutarii and Bull Warriors-Fixed inconsistencies with effects on mounts for Armenian Heavy Spearmen and Illyrian and Sarmatian mercenaries-Removed "annoying" blue officer from rebel Archer Warband-Sound of "armor" for Desert Axemen and Bastarnae Mercenaries changed from metal to flesh, since they wear no armorChanges in export_units.txt file:-Removed reference to shield from early Thracian and late Scythian bodyguards descriptions-Reference to "good quality armour" from Desert Axemen custom battle description changed to "wooden shields" (probably leftover from pre-patch time when desert axemen has armor value of 11)-Reference to "leather armour" from late Thracian bodyguard changed to "mail armour", to match up unit skinsChanges in both descr_model_battle.txt and descr_mount.txt files (with some references in export_descr_unit.txt too):-Fixed color of sprites for following mercenary units and their mounts: Thracian Mercenaries, Bastarnae Mercenaries, Sarmatian Mercenaries, Scythian Mercenaries, Spanish Mercenaries, Numidian Mercenaries, Arab Cavalry, Bedouin Warriors, Bedouin Archers and Barbarian Cavalry MercenariesChanges in descr_model_battle.txt file only:-Fixed the wrong color of Spanish generals (should be brown, instead of blue)-Fixed the problem with sprites not being generated for following units: Libyan Spearmen, Poeni Infantry, Spartans, Egyptian Slingers, Egyptian Siege Crew, Gallic Swordsmen and German Skirmisher Warband-Fixed sprites for Cretan Archers, so they won't be half-sized anymore (new sprites included)Changes in descr_mercenaries.txt file:-Fixed the typo which prevented mercenary Horse Archers to appear in Armenia area-Changed price of Barbarian Cavalry Mercenaries that are recruited in Gaul from 450 to 800, since it was too low, and to make it in line with prices in other regionsChanges in descr_formations_ai.txt file:-Fixed a problem when standard AI formation would not get used for armies consisting of only non-phalanx spearmen infantry-Fixed problem with roman formation when general would be put at flanks (added separate general block at back)-Made possible for armies with only Hastati infantry to use roman formation, by making 3rd line of infantry not mandatory-Fixed problem with formation for large missile cavalry groups, when general unit would be at flank overlapping with infantry-Fixed an error in AI single line formation when artillery units would overlap with rest on the unitsChanges in export_descr_ancillaries.txt file:-Fixed the issue with Numidian and Spanish governors not gaining priests as their retinue members-Fixed the trigger for priest of Neptune, so it won't be awarded to governors or agents-Made Druid retinue members available in justice shrines (Esus) instead of battle shrines (Hebeleyzis), so that Gauls could get them and not Dacians-Triggers for Civilized Slave, Drinking Companion and Master Embalmer retinue members changed, so they won't be available only in cities with one specific building (forum/temple), but also in cities were such building is upgraded (ex. great forum/large temple)-Fixed an error in trigger for gaining Polybius as retinue member-Fixed triggers for Foreign Dignitary and Foreign Hostage retinue members, so they will actually be awarded in foreign lands and not at home-Fixed an error when following retinue members could become doubled: Dancer, Druid, Freeman Clerk and JudgeChanges in both export_descr_character_traits.txt and export_descr_ancillaries.txt files:-Fixed a problem with getting infestation of Scarface generals, and several related issues (including some retinue members)-Fixed buggy marriage triggers, which prevented characters from getting any traits or retinue members from marriage event-Fixed a bug which prevented newly grown up characters from getting any retinue members at start, like Mentor or TutorChanges in both export_descr_character_traits.txt and export_VnVs.txt files:-Berserker trait tweaked so it gives morale bonus, instead of penalty (+4 morale), making it in line with lower levels of the trait-To prevent drop in morale bonus, highest levels of Brave and RomanHero line of traits get their morale bonuses increased from +2 to +5-Removed bonus to popularity with people from Brave line of traits, since those traits are reserved for non-Romans only-Energetic line of traits tweaked, so they won't get worse at higher levels-Personal security penalty for Self-Publicist line of traits reduced from -10/-20/-30 to -1/-2/-3, since previous values were way off normal rangeChange in export_VnVs.txt file only:-In notification that assassin has gained experience, changed word "kill" to "mission", since now sabotage missions can give experience tooChanges in export_descr_character_traits.txt file only:-Feck line of traits limited to Romans only, since two of its effects deal with senate and people popularity-Smoothtalker changed to be diplomat trait, since its effects deal with bribing-Added anti-traits to some traits to prevent weird or impossible combinations-Several anti-traits that worked in one direction fixed to work in both directions-Anti-traits for Indecisive Attacker changed from GoodCommander and GoodAttacker to GoodAttacker and GoodRiskyAttacker, so that having Indecisive Attacker trait won't prevent general from gaining Command bonuses-Fixed a bug, when gaining an anti-trait would reset trait value to 0 (instead of reducing it for value of anti-trait)-Fixed trigger for BadTaxman line of traits, so it won't be awarded in situations when tax policy is best as it could be-Fixed problems with Senate Office triggers, which could result in losing some senate titles-Tweaked trigger for gaining experience with spies when doing missions with 100% success rate, so it will be fired for spies with one or zero levels of experience, and not just for those with exact one level of experience-Removed loyalty awards given to faction leader or heir when AI diplomat, by error, tries to bribe them, since faction leader or heir aren't supposed to be bribable-Fixed a problem when assassins would never get any experience by doing sabotage missions-Fixed a problem when Coward trait would only be awarded when enemy pulls out of combat without casualties-Patched the hole in trigger for IndecisiveAttacker trait-Removed "BattleOdds


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